Presto Electric Skillet ReviewsPresto electric skillets are some of the best electric skillets in the world. They are known for being durable, well-built, and affordable. A Presto electric skillet offers many benefits. Among them are the ability to cook anywhere there is an electric outlet available, be it outdoors or on your backyard porch. With a regular skillet you’re confined to your kitchen. That’s not the only benefit, though. Presto electric skillets cook food much more evenly than your traditional frying pan or skillet. And on top of that, they have non-stick cooking surfaces, which makes the hassle of cleaning up that much easier.

The Presto brand was founded in 1905 in Wisconsin, in a small town called Eau Claire. It was originally an iron and steel company, but later expanded into other areas, becoming the nationally recognized small kitchen appliance brand that we know today as National Presto Industries. Presto is known for their very popular line of pressure cookers, but they also make deep fryers, pop corn machines, coffee makers, griddles, and of course, electric skillets.

One of Presto’s best electric skillets is the Presto 06852 16-Inch Electric Skillet Review. It is Presto’s top rated electric skillet. This skillet gives you a large 16 inch cooking surface to cook all of your favorite meals on. And because its made of a very tough construction material (heavy-cast aluminum), it gives it a certain durability that isn’t often found in other, lesser electric skillets. This thing also packs quite a bit of power – 1500 watts of cooking power, to be exact.

If you’re looking for a mini electric skillet, check out the Presto 06620 11″ Compact Electric Skillet. It’s very petite in size, having only an 11 inch pan. If you’re single or only have other mouth to feed, this may be a great choice for you. At under $30, it’s very cheap and it’ll save you a lot of room on your counter-top. The only downside of this electric skillet is that it has a metal lid that you can’t see through. If you like being able to watch your food as its cooking, then the Presto 06626 model will probably be more to your liking, as it has a transparent glass lid. Keep it mind, however, that the lid isn’t as high as the Presto 06620, so if you like to roast chickens and the like in your electric skillet, it may not be ideal for that purpose.

And if saving counter space (and storage space) is a top priority for you, but still want to get an electric skillet with a large cooking surface, then you’ll definitely want to consider the Presto 06857 16″ Foldaway Skillet. This electric skillet can actually be “folded” to make it more compact. The handles fold in and the base can be placed inside, greatly reducing its size and making it easier to store. This is a great unit for people living in a camper or RV, as you can still cook larger foods that you would be able to cook in a big electric skillet, yet doesn’t take up nearly as much space.

Presto electric skillets come with 1-year warranties, which is about the standard length for most electric skillets. If you’re in the market for an electric skillet, you really can’t go wrong with any of the Presto brand models. If you want to get information about each individual model, be sure to check out our Presto electric skillet reviews below.

Reviews of Presto Electric Skillets

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