Hamilton Beach 38540 Step Up Electric Skillet Review

An electric skillet is a must have kitchen appliance for home makers, especially those who grew up watching their mom or dad cooking fine delicacies in them. And if you’re looking to buy one, rest assured there is no dearth of quality electric skillets on the market. However, there are very few skillets out there that can the level of quality of a Hamilton Beach 38540 Step Up Electric Skillet.

This is a superb piece of kitchen equipment. Over the years, it’s received rave reviews from customers who’ve owned and used one, citing user comfort and good safety features that make it a delight to use. Here are some of its finer qualities and features:

Features of the Hamilton Beach 38540

  • The product dimensions are 16” x 12” x 7”. The electric skillet’s 16-inch non-stick cooking surface invites an immediate heads up. The nonstick aspect makes it an ideal cooking unit to prepare recipes that need such utensils. This ensures ample cooking space for the ingredients. The skillet has a relatively high rim to allow the food to simmer at suitable temperatures without spillage.
  • The glass lid is yet another admirable feature of the Hamilton Beach 38540 16-inch Step up Skillet as it makes it see-through. The glass top of the skillet has a stay-cool grip, as do the sides of the unit.
  • The metal construction makes the skillet durable and imparts a solid look to the appliance. No doubt this skillet will last you years and years, if not decades.
  • The electric skillet has a unique built-in pour spout. This makes it easy to handle broth, excess liquid and other ingredients that are otherwise hard to dish out from the pan without spillage. This feature has made it an instant hit amongst users constantly bothered by pan dropout.
  • The lid of the skillet can be clipped to ensure that the food remains safely stored and remains sufficiently hot for comparatively longer periods of time.
  • The Hamilton Beach 38540 16-inch Step Up Skillet has four thick rubber legs to protect its base from scratches and to support the heavy metal cooking area. This feature also helps in using the skillet for a buffet.
The Hamilton Beach 38540 Step Up Electric Skillet can be used any number of times during the day to cook breakfast, lunch or dinner, and is very easy to clean too. The only disadvantage may be its price, which may be a tad too high for many buyers. But considering the benefits it provides, we think it’s well worth the money.
Hamilton Beach 38540 Step Up Electric Skillet
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